General conditions of sale and delivery for
truffle-infected broad-leaved tree seedlings
produced by the Dr.Khanaqa Research Institute


The tree seedlings (oak, hazel, olive, almond, seder) are infected with truffles according to the method of Dr.Khanaqa. At the time of sale, the plants are at least eight months old.

During this period of initial cultivation, the seedlings are monitored continually by the Dr.Khanaqa Research Institute

On collection of the truffle-infected tree seedlings by the contracting party, specimens of these plants (3 for a purchase of between 500 and 1000 plants and 1 more specimen for every further 500 plants) will be examined in the Research Institute. The purchaser is entitled to select the specimen plants from the supply batch and to attend the examination. The purpose of this investigation is to prove and document the formation of fruit bodies on the roots of the oak and hazelnut seedlings, by means of a macroscopic photograph. The specimen palnts do not belong to the supply quantity. Should it not be possible to prove the formation of fruit bodies at the time of collection, the purchaser has the right to cancel the contract.

Advisory activities and other services

  1. Preperation and analysis (initial investigation) of the soil at the site selected by the purchaser. This consists of:

  2. Advice during the cultivation period up until harvest. Should the contracting party desire advice or monitoring of the saplings during this time, the Dr.Khanaqa Research Institute will place experts at his disposal on request.

  3. With the purchase of the plants, the contracting party is given instructions on the cultivation and maintenance work that is needed up to harvest, with detailed information on the following topics:
The services mentioned in a) and b) are invoiced together with travelling and accomodation costs and other expenses (either on a lump-sum basis or as incurred) to the contracting party by the Dr.Khanaqa Research Institute. For an order of at least 1000 seedlings, the activities mentioned in a) are included in the price of purchase, and are not charged.


The truffle-infected plants are delivered ex-farm. The purchaser is responsible for transport, planting at the destination and proper maintenance, care and treatment of the plants and soil. The Dr.Khanaqa Research Institute shall not be held liable for damages or prejudices (including lost profit and other financial losses) which result from any unsuitability for the intended use or any shortcoming in the yield of the truffle-infected plants. This also applies in the event of a delay in production and any deviation from expected yields.